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best homeopathy medicine for Sore throat tonsillitis

Post date: 2016-05-11

best homeopathy medicine for Sore throat tonsillitis

Homeopathic medicines for Sore throat:- As per Dr.Abhishek Aura Homeopathy is considered as best homeopathy treatment for sore throat, as per homeopathic repertory there are more that 96 homeopathic medicine available for its treatment. And best medicine can be selected by a qualified Homeopathic doctor on the basis of Totality of symptoms.

  1. ·         Mercurius is good medicine for sore throat situation, when person feels swelling of the glands, burning, red & raw throat, and soreness.
  2. ·         Capsicum is another homeopathic medicine for chronic sore throat. It is effective for stitching pain, gastric and rheumatic complaints. In addition, it is significant for dry cough with thick phlegm.
  3. ·         PSORINUM is for constant pain in throat, foul smelling discharge from throat and pain in swallowing anything.
  4. ·         Phosphorous is prescribed in case of chronic sore throat. It is best suitable for those who have to speak or talk too much like public speakers, teaching professionals and singers etc
  5. ·         IGNATIA is for tonsillitis and in case when person feel pain in swallowing liquid or any solid food.


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