Best Homeopathy medicine for Stress and Anxiety

Post date: 2016-03-09

Best Homeopathic treatment for Stress and anxiety:-

Stress and anxiety are not good for health as they leave many bad affects on our health. Many symptoms are sudden and intense and for dealing with them following homeopathic medicines are best as there is no side effect of homeopathic medication:-

·         Aconite Napellus :- It is an effective dose for those who faces panic attacks or waves of fear. This medicine is also good for those who always think about dying or predict about the time of death. Other symptoms may include pounding heart, dry skin, mouth dryness and thirst.

·   Argentum Nitricum:- This homeopathic medicine is significant in case of apprehension and nervous person. Patience who feel carve for sweet and sugar, think about throwing themselves from a height etc for such cases this homeopathic medicine is recommend. Lots of sugar leads to upset of digestive system. 

·         Medicines such as Ignatia and Natrum Mur are medicine for stress when grief is the cause. Those who overstretch themselves mentally or physically for them Kali Phos is best homeopathic medicine for reducing the effect of stress.

·         Nux Vomica and Staphysgaria both medicines are for those who get angry or impatient easily. Other medicine for controlling accelerated behaviour is Tarentula and Argentum Nitricum.


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