Best homeopathy medicine for tonsillitis

Post date: 2015-12-29


1. Belladonna- In the starting stages this medicine can be used and is the topmost of all Homeopathic medicines.

2. Baryta Carb- When either of the side of tonsils whether left or right or increase in the size of glands in the neck or behind the ears this medicine can be used for the cure. This medicine can be best used for the kids.

3. Arsenic Album- Best medicine for tonsils and recommend by doctors. When the tonsils are inflamed by cold after drinking drinks, juice, or cold food. In tonsils drinking and eating hot food and drinks.

4. Merc Sol-   When there is more pain in the tonsils at night, in every weather change this problem occurs and irritation or chillness while-while eating something, this homeopathic medicine can be taken for the improvement in the tonsils.

5. Hepar Sulphur-  This medicine can be taken when there is a formation of pus and intense pain in the tonsils. More and more pain in the tonsils while swallowing and in ears also.

6. Calcarea Iodata- when there an enlargement of the tonsils and tonsils are hard, red and nodular. This medicine is the best homeopathic medicine doctors generally prescribed to the patients.

7. Lycopodium- This medicine can be used when there is chronic enlargement in the tonsils and tonsils which are covered with ulcers sometimes.


8. Gelsemium- when pain in the tonsils increases while swallowing of food or something 2-time dose is enough for the pain in the tonsils.


As per Dr.Abhishek M.D Aura Homeopathy clinic and research centre, Best homeopathy medicine for Tonsilitis can be selected on the basis of totality of symptoms, followed by complete case taking done by qualified homeopathic physician

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