Best Homeopathy medicine for Obesity

Post date: 2016-11-01



Fat and flabby patients with weak heart. For female who are tired and weary and are affected by cold very easily and lead a sedentary life. Dry coryza with nose blockage, mostly at night, with chances of suffocation. Due to continued coryza, can only breathe through the mouth. Female with premature and copious menses, with black and acrid blood. Sadness, with tendency to weep. Timidity is well marked. Disgust with life. Heedlessness. Great absence of mind and weakness of memory. Vertigo, on reading in a sitting posture. Chilly patient with great sensitiveness to cold open air which aggravate symptoms and amelioration by warmth.



In case the body is fat and legs are thin. With large buttocks. Full of grief, but cannot weep. Irritabile and gets angry easily. Ulcerative pain in the heel, ameliorates with rubbing. The feet get very cold in the evening in bed.



Children and young person with tendency to grow fat with coated moist white tongue. The person who needing this medicine may belch a great deal, and the eructations may taste of the ingesta. Bloating after eating. 



It is well known for its action on the liver, and in the treatment of obesity and diabetes. Person is sensitive to cold air; tendency to take cold. Prespire easily. aggravation In open air; on motion. The breath smells foul, the tongue is white and furry. The patient is self-satisfied, very talkative and good-humoured.; forgets names.



It is one of the best homeopathy medicine  because of its marked action on fat hence Termed as Homeopathy Fat Reducer. 



Obesity with anaemia, face puffy. This medicines is highly used even for obesity in children. Suitable to person who are mostly constipated, delicate with low spirits. The pulse of the patient is full and yielding. <> in warm air. Great lassitude. Person wants to lie down.



It is very effective in cases of  weak digestion, hard stool difficult to pass and gas formation. It is used for thyroid glands enlargement. Goitre is also curable with it.



Obesity in females with delayed menstruation. Used in Fat, fair an chilly person having constipation and unhealthy skin. Useful to those who have no desire for sex.



It’s a important remedy for fair, fat flabby children who are sluggish. Gastrtic symptoms supersede rheumatic symptoms. Liability to take cold in the open air. Great debility, with desire to lie down.



Its is well known for its action on fat, helps to dissolve the fat in the body.



This medicine is used as effective fat reducer. It is recommended if the patient is having difficulty in walking, sitting, palpitation, difficulty in breathing on least exertion, nausea, eructations. 



In excessive obesity, it acts better in pale patients rather than those of high colour. This medicine asc as strong diuretic which is very helpful in myxodema and various types of edema.



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