Best Homeopathy medicine for firming and tightening sagging breasts

Post date: 2016-07-04

Aura Homeopathy offers a number of Homeopathy remedies for enlarged or shrunken breasts and associated symptoms; if there is no improvement within 1 month, see qualified homeopath.


·         Natrum mur: Enlargement of Breasts due to fluid retention

·         Calcarea: Breasts heavy and pendulous, especially if woman is obese, pale, and prone to sweats and chills

·         Conium: Enlargement associated with pain and tenderness, Breasts are going atropied leaving a flacid bag like skin

·         Carbo animilis: Enlargement associated with darting pains

·         Iodom: Gradual loss of fatty tissue, bluish-red lumps in skin of breasts, tendency to feel hot all the time. Breasts are small with inferlity. breasts become small with ovarian dropsy 

·         Sabal Ser: Breasts poorly developed or wrinkled and shrunken. Saw palmetto is prescribed during a reduction in breast.  Helps in case of hormonal imbalance.  Helps maintain the hormonal balance. One breast  smaller than other. Breasts underdevloped  and shrivelled with infantile uterus and ovaries and physical debility. Underdevloped breasts or sunken breasts due to the diseases of uterus. Nipplles insensitive

·         Kreosetum: Breasts become small with small hard lumps it

·         baryta carb: Breasts small with ovary coplaints

·         FOLLICULINUM: Oestrone is an ovarian hormone whose physiological role is to

·         activate the proliferation of the uterine mucous membrane before ovulation.

·         Lac can: Breasts become small in nursing woman

·         Lycopodium: Underdevloped breasts with delayed or absent of menses

·         Onasmodium: Breasts underdevloped with infantile uterus and overies.

·         Pituitarin: Defective devlopment of breasts with delayed puberty and stunted growth.

·         sarsaparilla.: Nipple are short and flat and instead of a projection, a depression exists

·         Sulphar: Imperfact development of breasts and uterus both

·         Sangunaria: Hypertrophy of breasts with pain during menopause

·         Bacillinum: Breasts hypertrophy too early in puberty

·         pulsatilla, Iodum: Nipple small

·         cylamen, conium: Breasts too big


Aura Homeopathic treatment is slowly but very result oriented that too without any side effect. If you are trying aura homeopathic medicine for undeveloped breasts, massage is very important along with the use of medicine. As massage helps to increase the circulation of blood. Next Reason behind massaging the breasts is it helps the body to get rid of toxins from the lymph glands. It also helps to bring essential nutrients to the breast tissues. There are certain homeopathic medicines which increase the absorption of the nutrients in the body. 


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