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Best Homeopathy medicine for mouth ulcer

Post date: 2016-08-09

Best Homeopathy medicine for mouth ulcer

Homeopathic treatment for mouth ulcer is most effective then Allopathytreatment butits doses are given in a small amount so it will take some time to cure it. One needs to have patience if taking homeopathic treatment. Any homeopathic treatment goes under a specific process, which include dilution and succession. Depending on the causes of ulcer, homeopathic treatment has assigned. Here is the list of Homeopathic medicine for treating mouth ulcer:-

·         Borax

·         Acid Sulf

·         Acid Nitric

·         Kali Chloride

·         Mercurius Solubius

·         Nitric Acid

·         Carbolic Acid

·         Arsenic Album

·         Carbo Animalis

·         Kali Choloratum

As we know that mouth ulcers are incurable as they occur again and again but still one can take some precautions for reducing its occurring frequency:-

·         Avoid food that cause irritation to your mouth like spicy and acidic food

·         Brush with soft bristle brush after every meal daily

·         Drink 9 to 10 glasses of water every day

·         Avoid drinking  much coffee, tea, alcohol and smoking


·         Eat healthy diet include green vegetables and fruits as much as you can.


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