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Best Homeopathy medicine for Urethral stricture

Post date: 2016-04-13

Best Homeopathy medicine for Urethral stricture

5 Best Homeopathic medicine for Urethral Stricture

Clematis: Best Homeopathic treatment for Urethral Stricture at early stages

It come into use when there is week stream of urine with slow urine passage. Feeling of constricted is complaint while passing urine  by the patient. Patient is unable to void urine completely . feeling as if urine is still there in the urinary bladder. At times patient complaint that urine is passes in the form of drops. Help full in the cases where there is history of gonorrhoea. Other helpful homeopathy medicine in case of gonorrhoea history is Sulph Lod, where sumptoms get aggravated at night.

Chimaphila: Homeopathic medicine where there is difficulty while passing urine, its very useful in urethral stricture cases, who have to strain for passing urine. Even with straining urine passes in small quantity. Patient can passurine only in standing position  while keeping feets wide apart and bending body in forward direction

Cantharis: Best Homeopathic medicine where urine passes in drops with burning pain, it is best suited to the patient having frequent episodes of UTI

Thiosinaminum: It is a well known homeopathic medicine used for dissolving scars in Urethral Stricture

Arnica:Best Homeopathic medicine for Urethral Stricture having history of  injury or trauma        

Injuries caused by blunt objects, a blow or a fall all covered by arnica. Arnica patient complains of sore and bruised feeling in urethra during urinating.


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