Best Homeopathy treatment for Dengue

Post date: 2016-08-02

Aura Homeopathic is strongly suggested for the treatment & prevention of Dengue, it works for increasing the immunity of the patient, without any adverse effect. There are more than 21 homeopathic medicines which can be prescribed for the treatment and cure dengue. These homeopathic medicine are used very successfully various Homeopathic doctors across the world for Dengue treatment and management.

Delhi government have supplied  Eupatorium perfoliatum as genus epidemus, for prevention and cure of Dengue in 1996 epidemic.

In 2016 Dengue epidemic was of two types. 

1. Simple dengue fever: Which is having no mortality,course of fever was self limiting and the patient recovers from 5 to 7 days. But Dr.Abhishek advice that medicines must be taken  under the guidance of qualified homeopathy doctors.

2. Dengue hemorrhagic fever, It is very severe form of infection and which can be even fatal.Symptoms are high fever 102-105 degree F and it may be accompanied with severe vomiting, abdominal colic and Hemorrhagic tendency, i.e. bleeding from nose, bleeding fromgums, blood in vomiting and bleeding per rectum with stools.

Dr.Abhishek advice that Homeopathic medicine can be safely administered along with allopathy medicine with out any contraindication. Further Dengue Hemorrhagic fever only be treated with intensive general management for e.g. Regular  monitoring of their leucocytes and platelet counts of the patient. Dr.Abhishek says, that there are many homeopathic medicine having anti-hemorrhagic action, But correct homeopathic medicine is chosen as per the symptoms of the patient. And using the same homeopathic medicine in each and every case of Dengue is not a wise as it increases the chances of failure of treatment. Dengue may lead to emergency condition, as in Dengue blood counts may fall suddenly if not treated properly.

Prevention of Dengue with Aura homeopathy Treatment

As per Dr.Abhishek there are certain homeopathic medicine which can be taken thrice a day for 7 days and there after 3 doses per week at a gap of 2 - 3 days till Dengue epidemic persist for its prevention.

Why Aura homeopathic treatment?

  • It is without side effects.
  • It is based on nature medicine.
  • It treats patient as a whole, by increasing the immunity.
  • It has co contraindication with allopathic treatment hence homeopathy can be taken with allopathic treatment, for increasing appetite, stamina and decreasing fever.
  • It role in emergency is limited, but is very beneficial for recovery after emergency, as medicine are very effective to increase the platelets counts once blood count is stabilised.
  • It is safe even for children and pregnant female.


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