Top 3 Homeopathy medicine for Asthma

Post date: 2017-09-03

Top 3 Homeopathic Medicine for Asthma

  • NATRUM SULPH as a Constitutional Medicine for Asthma in children:-Children who are suffering from asthma and facing difficulty in respiration, cough, chest pain and problem in breathing can opt for Natrum Sulph homeopathic medicine. It has excellent constitutional cure for asthma disease. Asthma affected child will face severe cough, desire to take deep breath and may feel pain in chest specifically on the left side.
  • ARSENIC ALBUM for Night Attacks:-Night attacks are very common in asthma especially during cold climatic conditions. To deal with such conditions successfully and safely use Arsenic Album. This medicine is also good for curing asthmatic condition in kids. Sometimes asthma condition turns out worst after midnight. In this situation patient feel like having cough with lot ofhacking but nothing comes out.Moreover, patient may also experience lot of chest pain, burning and Suffocation and so they can feel lot of chest constriction and problem in respiration.
  • Sambuccus for Asthma with suffocative spellsIf someone is suffering for miller asthma then use Sambuccus homeopathic medicine. If a child is on mother's feed or get attack suddenly in the night, if feeling breathless or nose is blocked then this might be a symptom of asthma attack. The affected children turns blue, gasps for breath or they might feel like chocked completely and is almost dead. In such suffocating situation, do not get panic by seeing child crying due to shortness of breath infact try this homeopathic medicine and consult to your doctor..

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