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7 best homeopathy medicine for Ulcerative colitis

Post date: 2017-09-01

7 best homeopathy medicine for Ulcerative colitis

Homeopathic remedies

Homeopathic medicines are reliable alternatives, which cure the disease depending upon the extent and severtiy of disease, and stage at which these medicines are consumed. Homeopathy treatment is recommended for Ulcerative colitis, few best homeopathy medicine for Ulcerative colitis

  1. Merc sol - Merc sol is one of the well-recognized homeopathic medicines. It is mainly useful in the cases where there is loose stool with excessive bleeding. The person feels chilly at times and dissatisfied even after frequent passing of stool.
  2. Nux vomica – Another homeopathic medicine for constant urge to pass stool with marked tenesmus. It is helpful in the cases where condition is worsen due to consumption of spicy food and liquor. Stool is scanty and person experiences pain in abdomen before passing stool.
  3. Merc cor – Merc cor is a homeopathic remedy to cure ulcerative colitis where there is a problem of loose stool with mucus and blood. It is suitable when the stool is hot and the patient feels cutting pain in the abdomen or burning in rectum.
  4. Phosphorus – For treating ulcerative colitis cases with bloody diarrhea and weakness, phosphorus is a very suitable medicine. The stool is watery and blood is bright red. Cramping while and exhaustion after passing stool being main characters.
  5. Aloe Socotrina – Urgency to pass stool being a predominant symptom, Aloe Socotrina is one of the best medicine to cure ulcerative colitis. Soon after drinking or eating, the person feels the urgency to pass stool. Burning in anus and rectum bearing down being a main feature, aloe socotrina also cures jelly like mucus in stool
  6. Nitric Acid – Nitric acid is best suitable for ulcerative colitis with intense pain in rectum while passing the stool. The pain is usually cutting or tearing in nature, which continues even after hours of passing the stool.
  7. Colchicum Autumnale – It is an excellent medicine to cure ulcerative colitis with joint pains with gastric symptoms, including stool with mucus and pain in rectum. The joints become stiff, swollen and suffer great pain.


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