Post date: 2017-08-29


  1. Colocynth- This medicine is prescribed when the pain extends to the or back. The pain may come can go easily sometimes, the pain feels like burning and sticky and they are more painfull in the nights, enable to wake up in the morning because of the pain, feels relaxed when lying on the sid of pain. This is the best homeopathic medicine recommended.
  2. Rhus Tox- Medicine which can be used for left side sciatica, when legs feels dead, you cannot rest in any position, difficulty in standing and walking for long, pain get worse in the nights this is a best medicine which can be used for the above mentioned pains or problems.
  3. Gnaphallium- When the pain is intense , worse when getting up in the morning and sometimes at night when it is difficult to sleep, numbness or anxiety. This medicine is prescribed by most of the doctors which can be used in the above mentioned conditions.
  4. Belladona- When the pain suddenly arise, right side of sciatica pain, lower part feels like broken, restlessness, pains like shocks or jerks for a moment. This medicine can be used for the mentioned symptoms of sciatica which is recommended by the doctors too.

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