Homeopathy Treatment for PCOS Frequent Asked Questions

Post date: 2023-01-07

Polycystic ovary syndrome (P.C.O.S.) was first described in a research paper published in 1935 by Stein and Leventhal. Although the nomenclature was added later, the paper described symptoms of amenorrhea (absence of menstruation), hirsutism (increased body hair), obesity and polycystic ovarian appearance in seven women.

Why homeopathy treatment of pcos is considered as Best and permanent?

Homeopathic treatment for PCOS is considered as best as, Homeopathy can cure PCOS permanently with Aura Homeopathy Clinics custom made Homeopathic PCOS Medicines. Allopathy does not cure PCOS but helps in managing and controlling the effects while Homeopathy can be considered as the best and promising treatment. Homeopathic treatment for polycystic ovary syndrome is quite effective in nature and definitely the best alternative treatment for this condition.

According to research, homeopathic remedies restore hormonal imbalance without tipping the scales too much. The ultimate goal of homeopathy is to treat the very cause of the condition and not just suppress the symptoms. This is why homeopathic remedies for PCOD can work great as an adjunct to traditional medicines. They provide a safe and healthy treatment option that will not drastically change your body.

Is PCOS caused by stress?

Researchers believe that stress and environmental factors (including diet, exercise, and pollution) play a role in the development of PCOS. Other possible causes include excessive prenatal exposure to male hormones (androgen or testosterone) and excessive insulin production.

What is the best homeopathic remedy for PCOS?

In homeopathy, the patient's symptoms are assessed in a holistic pattern and then the most appropriate remedy is selected for the individual patient. When prescribing not only physical, but also psychological and emotional symptoms, consideration is given to choosing the right homeopath

Benefits of choosing homeopathy for PCOS treatment

PCOS, also known as polycystic ovary syndrome, is sometimes called PCOD or polycystic ovary disease. The monthly menstrual cycle in PCOS patients is irregular and there are too many androgens or male hormones present. The cause may be high insulin level, family history, mild inflammation etc. To remove this problem, opting for homeopathy is one of the best solutions. Do you want to know more about polycystic ovary treatment with homeopathy?

How long does homeopathy take to cure PCOS?

Homeopathic medicine works by treating your body as a whole and requires patience. With regular use of the medication as directed by your health specialist, the normal duration of treatment for PCOS in homeopathy is approximately three to six months. This can vary according to the woman's individual symptoms and the severity of the condition.

How effective are homeopathic remedies and treatment for polycystic ovaries

Homeopathy addresses the root cause of the problem by correcting any hormonal fluctuations and ovulation and period regularly. Homeopathic treatment is known to be very effective as it is known to alleviate the signs and symptoms of PCOS and PCOD and is also free of any side effects that are usually associated with allopathy and other treatment methods.

How do I know if I have PCOS?

If you find yourself experiencing any of the above symptoms, it's time to consult a doctor. The hormonal changes that occur during PCOS can also cause you to experience a surge in facial hair growth, so this should be another primary symptom of the condition. Especially if you find that your period is becoming more irregular and less, it is not wise to postpone the examination.

What are the early symptoms of PCOS?

Menstrual disorders such as absence of menstruation, weak menstruation and irregular menstruation, Unexplained weight gain, Abnormal and excessive growth of hair on the face, chest, abdomen, back, etc., Acne, oily face, dandruff, Pain in the lower abdomen, Anxiety or depression, Difficulty conceiving.

Can Homeopathy Treat PCOS?

While other treatments focus only on adjusting the period using synthetic hormones, which cause unwanted side effects and can affect other body systems, homeopathy does not work by administering hormones externally, but stimulates the body to correct hormonal imbalances and deficiencies internally. Homeopathic treatment for PCOS is a much safer and better way of treatment and does not cause any unwanted side effects and solves the problems harmoniously.

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