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Motor Neuron Disorder

Homeopathy Treatment for Motor Neuron Disorder

Motor Neuron is the nerve cell, which are helpful in controlling voluntary movement of the extremities and trunk. If the motor neuron shows chronic progressive disorder then it might be motor neuron disease. It is that one several neurological disorder that majorly affects motor neurons in the brain, spinal cord and brainstem. Motor neuron disease is a neurodegenerative in nature and if not cared properly then it could be a reason of disability and eventually death. Those who suffer from motor neuron disorder usually shows difficulty in speaking, sometimes even in walking, swallowing and marked difficulty in movements of the body due to weakness of the muscles. Motor Neuron Disease majorly divided into four types:-

  1. Progressive muscular atrophy (OMA)
  2. Primary lateral sclerosis (PLS)
  3. Progressive bulbar palsy (PBP)
  4. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis also known as Lou Gehriga’s is one of the most common out of all motor neuron disorder. This name Lou Gehriga’s is given to this disease only after famous footballer Lou Gehriga’s suffered from motor neuron disease.

Symptoms of Motor Neuron Disorder:

  • Fatigue and muscles wasting
  • Change in voice
  • Cramps, pain and twitching in the muscles
  • Problem in speaking
  • Excessive laugh or cry because of damage of the upper motor neuron
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • No Sensory loss
  • Weakness

Diagnosis:- Although there is no specific test for diagnosing motor neuron disorder but doctors still prefer to have following test for getting an idea of person is actually suffering from motor neuron disorder.

• MRI Scan of Brain

• Nerve conduction studies

• Electromyography (EMG)

• Tran cranial magnetic stimulation


Top Homeopathy Medications for curing Motor Neuron Disease:-

Homeopathy medicines are best for treating motor neuron disease as homeopathy medications are prescribed only after known about patient history completely. Homeopathy medicine treats the root cause of any of the disease. As symptoms varies from person to person and so the medication. Considering this fact homeopathy treatment is recommended. Right treatment would probably increase the strength and power of the muscles. Therefore, homeopathy treatment should be introduced at the early stage of the disease. The moment it is diagnosed it should be treated properly for avoiding any complications  Following are the medicines significant for treating motor neuron disorder:-

• Syphilium

• Gelselium

• Phosphorous

• Physostigma

• Arnica

• Medorrhium

• Lathytus Sativus

• Naja

• Nux Vomica

• Aconitum nepellus

• Lachesis

• Cocculus

• Phosphrous

• Plumbum Iodatum

• Manganum Oxydatum

• Plumbum Metalicum

• Guaco

• Causticum


Where experts are still examining the exact reason for motor neuron disorder but still one can prevent it by removing as much as toxins from your life and environment, by adopting healthy lifestyle and  improving hygiene