Mouth Ulcer

Homeopathic Medicines for Mouth Ulcer:-

Mouth Ulcer is a very common in mucous membrane of the oral cavity because of different mechanism but there is no serious cause. Ulcer can cause by rubbing from a sharp edge on a broken filling or because of canker sores. Ulcer cause pain and discomfort in eating. So if you are suffering from mouth ulcer then avoid eating oily, spicy food even hard beveragesthat affect mouth ulcers badly. Many Patient complaints that they feel pain while swallowing water inside, etc. In many cases ulcer occur in multiple numbers. Ulcer occursinside cheeks, on lips, corner of gums and tongue. It looks like white or yellow surrounded by red colour skin. Mouth ulcer occurance is very much common in women than men. Long time existence of ulcer is not safe or it maylead to mouth cancer so consult your physician as soon as possible. It occurs very frequently at the age of 10 to 40 in women. Aura Homeopathy is helps mouth ulcer cure

 There are two main types of ulcer: Minor Ulcer, Major ulcer and Herpeti form Ulcer. Minor ulcer can get cure within 2 weeks and are 2-8mm in diameter whereas major ulcer are bigger in diameter and take several weeks to heal. There are many reasons because of which mouth ulcer occurs like deficiencies of vitamin B complex, vitamin C, iron, stress etc. It can cause without any definite reason but still there are few reasons of having mouth ulcer:-

·         Menstrual Periods

·         Oral hygiene

·         Allergy to some food

·         Consuming lots of oily or spicy food

·         Emotional Stress

·         Unhealthy diet

·         Digestive issues

·         Trauma site in mouth

·         Nutritional deficiency

·         Smoking, use of tobacco, drugs, etc.

Symptoms:Unusually large sores, difficulty in drinking, Sores that are spreading and painful, Swollen lymph nodes. Some people face fever, physical sluggishness and intolerable pain in chewing food. A symptom varies from person to person.


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