Urethral stricture

Stricture urethra/ Urethral stricture/ Urethrostenosis

It is an abnormal narrowing of the urethra, which may leads to Week urinary stream, Lymph nodes enlargement around groin, Redness and swelling of the penis or Urgency of urination. It may be due to injury, history of sexually transmitted disease STD, scar post surgery, inflammationof urethra-Urethritis, catheter insertion, cystoscope,  Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or due to enlarge tumor which is very rare. Due to narrowing of urethra urine flow is disturbed, and it does not pass out thoroughly, urge to pass urineis present but the patient has to wait for the urine to flow out, this condition is called as stricture urethra.



•painful urination

• Difficulty while passing urinating

• week Urine stream

• Spraying of urine stream

• Decrease in urinary output

• Increase in urinary frequency or urgency

• Incontinence of urine

• Blood mixed or dark urine

• Discharge from urethra

• Swelling of male organ-penis, testes, scrotum

• Retention of urine

• Recurrent urinary tract Infection

•              Reduced urine flow.

•              Dysuria (painful urination).

•              Difficulty urination.

•              Slow urine stream

•              Reduction in urine output.

•              Incontinence, dribbling.

•              Blood in the semen.

•              Pain in Pelvic or abdomen

•              Swelling of the penis.

•              Urinary retention.

•              Burning during urination.



•              measurement of Urinary flow rate.

•              PVR- Post-void residual urine volume measurement.

•              Urine analysis.

•              Urine culture (if evidence of infection).

•              Tests for chlamydia and gonorrhoeal infection

•              Cystoscopy

•              Retrograde urethrogram


As per Dr.Abhishek, at aura homeopathy clinic , patients opt for homeopathy after having many sessions of urethral dilatation, but when the frequency of their discomfort and dilatation increases, they search for other alternative option available. Aura Homeopathy is very helpful in such condition and as per Dr.Abhishek homeopathy should be tried even before going for surgical intervention or urethral dilations


There are 67 homeopathy medicine which offers best treatment in stricture urethra. The constitutional medicine can be selected on the basis of constitution, after case takin and analysing the symptoms correctly by a qualified Homeopathic doctor.

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