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Urticaria Homeopathy Treatment

Urticaria Homeopathy Treatment Homeopathy Doctor India

Urticaria is also termed as Hives, which present as red raised rashes on skin with itching.Urticaria may be due to allergy due to chemical, dust, pollution or with food substance.

It is due to allergic reaction to allergen, due to which normalbody cells break and releases out Histamine into blood steam which leads to skin redness, itching and swelling.


Many substances can trigger hives, including:





Usually patients comes after taking lot of allopathy medicine including anti-histamic salts such as allegra, levo-cetrizen, cetrizen, avil since many years.

At Aura Homeopathy we are able to help even chronic patients who are suffering from Urticaria since many years. We help to reduce anti allergic medicine intake as well, and is capable to cure urticarial completely from roots.