Leucoderma Homeopathy Treatment

Vitiligo/Leucoderma/White patches -Homeopathic treatment

At Aura Homeopathy we have seen positive results in a number of cases. A complete case taking including mental, physical, emotional, treatment history and family history is very important for finding out the constitutional Homeopathic medicine. Homeopathy works on the internal cause of the disease, where as other system of medicine  including allopathy, ayurvedic and unani works superficially- Aiming superficial pigmentation using puva therapies, laser therapies, Col-tar therapy and babchi or psoralea oil application, which have lot of known side effects like skin allergic reactions, damage to liver, nausea, cataract and other eye problems. But on the other hand Dr.Abhishek says that it is a deep seated miasmatic disorder and can be treated only internally, which is possible only in homeopathy mode of treatment. And Homeopathy treatment is completely safe with out any side effects.


 A controlled research study by Dr.Abhishek at aura homeopathy conclude that leucoderma is having relation with stress, abnormal thyroid levels, gastric disorder and addison’s disease.

He further advice following


  •       Citrus food and non-veg should be avoided.
  •       Regular exercise should be done
  •       Meditation should be done to relief mental stress
  •       Good quantity of water intake should be taken, which helps homeopathy medicine to detox the body fast.
  •       Allopathy medicine intake should be avoided.
  •       Patient should keep himself away from chemical exposure
  •       Proper sunlight exposure should be available.


There are 43 Medicine in homeopathy for white patches. 

Arsenic sulph falvus, 

Arsenic album, 

Baryta muriaticum and 

Baryta carbonicum are few of them. 


Homeopathy is best for Leucoderma, as it belive in internal medication, a qualified and experienced Homeopath can find the correct remedy on the basis of case taking. Patient should keep patience as leucoderma is usually chronic and deepseated complex disease.

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