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Vocal cord nodule

Vocal cord nodule Homeopathy Doctor India

Vocal cord polyp / nodule / cyst

The vocal cords are also known as vocal folds, and are present in the larynx which is also called as voice box situated at the top of the trachea.

The vocal cords are made of twin infolding of mucous membranes forming ‘V’ shaped structure. Which open while inhalation & close during phonation and swallowing. These Vocal folds vibrate and expelled airflow from the lungs to produce Voice, singing and speech.

Vocal polyp. Can be due to vocal abuse. Polyps may appear on either 1 or both sides of the vocal cords. It appear as a bump or swelling, or a stalk like growth.

Vocal polyps are more common in professional singers, public speakers, teachers and in the people who use indulge in abusive use of vocal cord. Cigarette  smokers are at the risk of getting this condition.


•              Cigarette Smoking

•              Allergies

•              Laryngitis

•              Sinusitis

•              Tonsillitis

•              PND-Postnasal drips

•              Dysphonia due to Muscle tension

•              Gastro Oesophageal Reflux Syndrome GERD

•              Again and again throat clearing

•              Coughing from long time

•              Speeking or Talking very loudly

•              Alcohol intake which there by dries out the throat and vocal cords

•              Caffeine intake

•              peppermint  chewing

•              Use of nasal decongestants

•              Mosquito repellants Inhaling

Signs & symptoms

•              Hoarseness

•              Fluttering speech

•              Voice over use decrease quality of voice and enhances after vocal rest

•              Decreased vocal cord pitch

•              Pain in the throat with inflammation

•              Sensation of tickling in the throat

•              Sensation  of Lump in throat

•              Shooting pain in ear

•              Unable to sing properly

•              Tightness, throat discomfort

•              Unable to hold a steady pitch

•              Vocal fatigue

•              Neck pain

•              Rough, scratchy voice

•              Painful speech production

How to diagnose


Self-help and home remedies

•              Keep a frequent check on your voice changes

•              Hydrate yourself with good quantity of water 

•              Avoid drinking water after intake of meals

•              Steaming also helps

•              Gargle with salt added warm water, thrice in day which increase the moisture in the throat.

•              Maintain a normal pitch

•              Eat fresh fruits daily

•              Avoid cold water or hot fluids

•              Avoid eating fried foods

•              Avoid alcohol, caffeine and stop Cigarette smoking

•              Proper warm ups should be done before singing and take breaks in between the performances

•              Avoid shouting

•              Rest your voice

•              Natural substances such as herbal tea should be used to relax your throat

•              Avoid allergies and treat using aura homeopathic remedies

•              Good oral hygiene



Aura Homeopathy treatment is very effective for vocal cord polyp / nodule / cyst, as it works on the main pathology of the disease condition.