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Writer's cramp

Writer's cramp Homeopathy Doctor India

Writer's cramp / focal hand, arm, finger dystonia/ mogigraphia / scrivener's palsy

Writers cramp affect the patient by preventing his ability to write, its task specific, that is symptoms comes during a particular movement like playing piano, writing, playing guitar, etc. As per Dr.Abhishek it may spread and affect other task too.


1.       Simple writer's cramp


2.       Dystonia writer's cramp


Its occurance  is more in males, it affect more in age group 30-50yrs


Causes: exact cause for writer’s cramp isn’t established. It may be due to increased fine motor activity, inappropriate writing technique. As per Aura Homeopathy Research centre, focal dystonia is because of  a basal ganglia and / or bodily function cortex malfunction within the brain. Dystonia has been coupled to altered communication between nerve cells settled within the basal ganglia — a region of the brain concerned in initiating muscle contractions.

Other disorders: generally dystonia is however one symptom of a additional pervasive disorder that affects the basal ganglia, such as:

·         Huntington's disease

·         Parkinson's disease

·         Traumatic brain injury

·         Brain tumor

·         Stroke

·         Oxygen deprivation

·         Heavy metal or carbon monoxide poisoning

·         Infections, such as tuberculosis or encephalitis

·         Reactions to certain drugs




·         Excessive gripping of the pen,

·         Flexing of muscles,

·         Abnormal movement of the wrist or elbow,

·         The person find it difficult to hold on to the pen and keeps dropping the pen.

·         Difficulty may be faced in the fingers, wrist, or forearm.

·         More affection for  ages group between  30- 50 years, both male and female.

·         A similar condition is seen  in musicians playing Guitar, piano, etc, typists and golfers.


Home care

·         Use of a keyboard instead of a pen is helpful, Reducing writing activities.

·         There may be some benefit from using a thick pen or an attachment to make it thick.

·         Psychological treatment, including relaxation exercises.


Aura Homeopathy Treatment for of writer's cramp / mogigraphia / Scrivener's palsy/ focal hand arm finger dystonia works on the deep seated pathology, which there by helps in decreasing spasms, pain, discomfort and disturbed function, that to free from any side effect.


As per Dr.Abhishek, There are 72 homeopathy medicine which give best treatment in writer's cramp / mogigraphia / Scrivener's palsy / focal hand arm finger dystonia. Though, the correct choice and relief depend on correct medicine selection done by qualified Homeopathic doctor.