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Celiac Disease Homeopathy Treatment

Celiac Disease Homeopathy Treatment Homeopathy Doctor India

Homeopathy scope and Treatment for Celiac Disease

The word “celiac” is derived from the Greek word “koiliacós” which means “abdominal” and was introduced in the 19th century. Also known as celiac sprue or gluten sensitive enteropathy – it is an digestive and autoimmune disease which primarily affects the lining of the small intestine. It occurs to the people who are genetically predisposed. The resulting damage of the small intestine in this disease is when foods with gluten are eaten. Gluten is a form of protein found some grains like wheat, barley, rye, etc. Due to the damage to the intestine, it becomes difficult for the body to absorb nutrients especially fat, calcium, iron and folate. It often begins at 6 months to two years of age, but may also occur after two years. The disease is usually described in childhood, but it may also develop in adults later on.

What Causes This Disease?

As per Dr.Abhishek M.D Aura Homeopathy clinic, the body’s immune system is designed to protect it from foreign invaders, but when people with this condition consume gluten- containing food, their immune system forms antibodies to gluten, which then attacks the lining of intestine and a number of different organs. In the small bowel, it causes inflammation, which damages the villi, small hair-like structure on the lining of intestine. Damaged villi resist absorbing the nutrients from food, which makes the patient to end up malnourished, no matter how much he/she eats. It also frequently leads to anemia.


Symptoms of this disease vary from sufferer to sufferer. However, some symptoms are listed below :

·         Digestive problems like abdominal bloating, gas, pale stool, diarrhea

·          Severe skin rash called dermatitis herpetiformis

·         Iron deficiency anemia

·         Musculoskeletal problems like muscle cramp, bone and joint pain

·         Growth problems

·         Tingling sensation in legs due to low calcium levels and nerve damage

·         Sores in mouth

·         Missed menstrual periods

·         Loss of appetite

·         Malabsorption

Dr.Abhishek says that celiac disease can also leave a person susceptible to other health problems. It may accompany following disease:

·         Osteoporosis

·         Miscarriage or infertility

·         Birth defects such as neural tube defect caused by poor absorption of folic acid

·         Seizures

·         Growth problems in children

·         Cancer of intestine in rare cases

It is also associated to diseases like diabetes mellitus type 1 and thyroiditis among various others.



Aura Homeopathy Homeopathic Treatment for Celiac disease

At Aura Homeopathy we recognizes celiac disease as a hypersensitive state, and is treated accordingly. Such medication is targeted to control bodies over reaction to gluten and also controlling the symptoms. The treatment is  based on constitutional approach and commonly uses medicines such as :

·         Silica

·         Calcaria Phosphorica

·         Phosphorus

·         Kali Carbonicum

·         Thuja occidentalis

·         Calcaria carbonicum

·         Sulphur

·         Lycopodium clavatum




Maintain a healthy lifestyle and go for regular check ups for early diagnosis of the disease.