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Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow Homeopathy Doctor India

Homeopathic treatment Tennis Elbow/ lateral epicondylitis

It ia a condition of Recurring pain on outside of the upper forearm below bend of elbow; usually, pain radiates down the arm towards the wrist.Pain initiate during grasping even light objects such as a coffee cup, lifting and bending the arm.Due to inflammation of muscles, tendons and ligaments, pain extend to the forearm.Pain usually lasts for 6 to 25 weeks; but discomfort can be there for a period of 3 weeks or as long as many years.


Mainly seen in Laborers and Sports man:

Allopathic medicines such as NSAID- non steroidal anti-inflamatory drugs areusually given, but when pain is not controlled with it, steroid injections are used, that too with tempearory relief at the end surgery is advised.

Aura homeopathic medicine can stop that pain of tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis. Aura Homeopathy is safe and effective. It also soothe a sore elbow. These Homeopathic medicinehelps reducing the pain and inflammation.Aura Homeopathic medicines are efficient in blocking the pain signals, reduce stiffness and edema in the joint and it promote natural healing.As per Dr.Abhishek no special tests needed to diagnose, as it comes normal in XraysThere are 21 homeopathy medicines which can give good relief. Dr.Abhishek strongly recommended Aura Homeopathic medicine for Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis condition









Healthy tips



Relaxing of nearby muscles can take pressure off an aching elbow. Gently massage the full forearm muscle from your elbow to wrist.


Rubbing the ice cube on your elbow in a circular motion for 4 to 6 minutes. Repeat this at least 3 times a day.


Do some strengthening and stretching exercises to rehabilitate the elbow joint and protect it from injury again.


Use elbow support as that prevents from contracting the extensor muscle when moving your hand.