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Hyperhidrosis Homeopathy Doctor India

Hyperhidrosis or profuse sweating or perspiration

It is natural to have sweating for the temperature regulation of the body, but if it is excessively high it is termed as Hyperhidrosis or profuse sweating. The process of sweating is controlled by sympathetic nervous system or vegetative nervous system. As per clinic data at Aura Homeopathy some Hyper hidrosis patient complaints that they start sweating just after taking a shower/ bath, unable to write properly due to over sweating from hands or with slightest physical work,etc.As per Research studies conducted at Aura Homeopathy clinic the problem of profuse sweating affects millions of person in the world - approx 4% of the total population.

Patient complaint of sweating profusely all times. This type of profuse sweating usually occurs either on the palms, underarms (Known as axillary hyperhidrosis), face (known as facial hyperhidrosis), or feet (known as plantar hyperhidrosis.

Classification & causes




Secondary hyperhidrosis; Profuse sweating due to underlying condition, few conditions leads to excessive sweating, and it usually involving whole body:

Primary or essential hyperhidrosis; Profuse sweating without known cause:

It is common condition than secondary hyperhidrosis and it usually appears, localized in one or many locations of the body (most frequently hands, feet, armpits ). This condition starts at childhood or adolescence and remain all life if not treated. Nervousness and anxiety usually aggravate sweating.

Home remedies

Aura homeopathic remedies are the best, which provide non surgical solution for hyperhidrosis or profuse perspiration.

There are 198 homoeopathic remedies which can be of great relief. However, as per Dr.Abhishek correct choice depend on the judgement of the Homeopathic Doctor. As in homeopathy, selection of medicine is based on totality of symptoms. Aura Homeopathy is strongly recommended for Hyperhidrosis condition.