Oligospermia low Sperm Count Homeopathy Treatment

Oligospermia / low gamete count: It is a condition of low concentration of sperm, in which the quantity of sperm in semen is less that 20 million per ml.This condition could also be temporary or permanent. Azoospermia differ from Oligospermia as in azoospermia is  due to absence of spermatozoa within the ejaculation.


 Primary causes of low sprerm count:

  •  High fever
  • High temperatures
  • Certain allopathy medicine
  • Toxins like lead, arsenic, mercury
  • Hormonal Disbalance (hypo/hyper-thyroidism, hypopituitarism, etc)
  • H/o severe diseases
  • Smoking
  • Excessive alcohol
  • Recreational drug use
  • Varicocele
  • Varicose veins round the testes
  • Inflammation of the testes
  • Radiation exposure
  • Radiotherapy

 Aura homeopathic promote spermatogenesis. It improves the function of testiclesincluding epididymis and seminal vesicle. Researched based Aura Homeopathy treatment helps in increasing blood supply to testicles and penis, hence it is very effective for increasing sperm quality and quantity

 Benefits of Aura homeopathic treatment

·      Homeopathy medicine is free of side effects.

·      Aura Homeopathy Treatment is  Quickest among all treatment. We have  observed multifold increase in sperm count with in 3 months time, as per Dr.Abhishek patient with low sperm count as low as 2million per ml can achieve normal sperm count with in 6 months of Aura Homeopathy Treatment. 

·      Aura Homeopathy is  effective in 90% of sperm abnormalities i.e. less Sperm count, less sperm motility, low quality of semen and abnormal morphology of sperm cell.

·      The lowest count which can be helped is 0.1 million per ml. Though we have seen remarkable recoveries even in the cases of  azoospermia also.

·   Aura Homeopathy treatment helps in increasing blood supply to testicles and penis, hence it is very effective for increasing sperm quality, quantity   and motility.

·      Aura Homeopathy has very high success rate . In about 5000 patients, it succeeded in 90% of the patients.

·      The best part is that even when the patient stop the Homeopathy treatment sperm count remains higher, on the other hand in male hormones therapy (allopathic treatment), it falls and at times the sperm count fall is very severe, shortly after allopathy treatment is stopped.

Many sterile men obsessed regarding their low sperm cell count - and this looks to become the central concern in their lives. homoeopathy will take all this embarrassment and might keep you out of the strain of physiological condition. It conjointly helps to boost general health of the patient, because it maintains mind, body and soul functions in balance.

Homeopathy provide best treatment in Oligospermia. There are 21 homoeopathy medicines that provide good relief in physiological state / low sperm cellcount. However, the proper selection and therefore the ensuing relief could be a matter of expertise and right judgment on the a part of the medical practitioner. The treatment is determined when thorough case taking of the patient. therefore remedies square measure designer created not like medical care during which all patients receive an equivalent surgery or medication though name could also be totally different.


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Oligospermia low Sperm Count Homeopathy Treatment

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