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Oitis media

Oitis media Homeopathy Doctor India

Otitis Media / Middle Ear Infection / Acute Suppurative Otitis Media (ASOM) / Serour Otitis Media / Aero Otitis Media / Cholesteatoma / CSOM

Inflammation of middle ear due to pyogenic micro-organisms is known as Otitis Media . It very common in small children. The course of Otitis media is Viral infection affecting upper respiratory tract there by pyogenic bacterial infection invade the middle ear and causes otitis media leading to pain ,fever, and irritability.

In Otitis media there is production of pus, fluid, and inflammation in middle ear behind the tympanic membrane.As eustachian tubes, are not fully formed in small children, hence fluid in the middle ear can’t drain through nose. Due to fluid accumulation, it leads to increase pressure, pain, and inflammation of eardrum hence providing a favourable condition for bacteria to grow, which result in infection. 


It begun as middle ear inflammation with mucus and fluid trapped inside the middle ear, which leads to pain. It is usually after upper respiratory infection. Acute otitis media (AOM) is usually viral and it is self-limiting, as it usually present with viral upper respiratory infection.Patient complaint of congestion in ears and discomfort but the good part is that these symptoms decreases with the underlying URI cure. At times middle ear, gets infected with bacteria,this condition is termed as acute bacterial otitis media.Patient with bacterial acute otitis media suffer from earache, which is more severe and continuous. Earache is with fever of 101 °F  or more.If this condition not treated properly may lead to eardrum perforation, mastoiditis-infection of the mastoid space or bacterial meningitis.




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As per Dr.Abhishek, at Aura Homeopathy doctor’s focus on treating infection, homeopathy treatment helps eliminate main cause of otitis, killing the bacteria, resolving swelling in eustachian tube and increasing the immune system. Aura homeopathic medicines are successfully used to eliminate even recurrent otitis media. Homeopathy treatment enhance the immune system and helps prevent and treat differnt infections.Aura Homeopathy treatment for Otitis media is different from allopathy as in that antibiotic and anhi-histamic medicine are given which have lots of side effect and even the problem re-occur again and again, where as with aura homeopathy, treatment is not focus on treating ear infections but treats the person as a whole.


There are 54 homeopathy medicines which give relief and finally cure this condition completely.