POIS-Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome Homeopathy Treatment

Post  Orgasmic Illness Syndrome (POIS)

It’s a rare pisease seen in males. It may cause body ache, severe muscle pain, headache of sexual origin and other various psychological symptoms, these symptoms usually last for 7-8 days. As per Dr.Abhishek frequency of POIS in total population is much higher as compare to educational literature report, as many POIS cases are undiagnosed. As per research paper submit by Dr.Abhishek , such similar symptoms occur in females as well.In POIS symptoms begin shortly after or within a half hour of ejaculation.

 Signs and symptoms

The distinguishing characteristics of POIS are:

  • Feelings of weakness and exhaustion.
  • Drowsiness
  • Social anxiety , irritabality
  • Unable to think clearly ,loss of memory
  • Unable to concentrate in a meeting or work , unable to communicate.
  • Can't read and remember a whole paragraph
  • literally you will that that your mind is not working
  • Unable to remember what is happening
  • Unable to perform in almost anything its like you became a retard
  • Face becomes oily and will get pimple, also causes you to look dull
  • Headache, Heavyness of head.
  • Bodyache-severe fatigue
  • Runny nose sometimes(Flu like symptoms) , or easily affection by cold and cough
  • Depressed mood, stressed.


Synonyms and related conditions

  • Postejaculatory syndrome
  • Benign Coital Headach
  • Postorgasm illness syndrome
  • Post ejaculation sickness
  • Post orgasmic sick syndrome
  • Sexual Headache
  • Dhat Syndrome
  • PCT-Post –Coital Tristesse


Post-coital tristesse (PCT) it’s a condition in which person feels melancholy and anxiety after sexual issues that lasts anyplace from 4 minutes to 2.5 hours. PCT, that affects each men and ladies, happens solely once sexual issues Associate with intercourse, it doesn't need an sexual climax to occur. On the other hand, POIS affects solely men, consists primarily of physiological symptoms triggered by ejaculation, in some individuals, for up to every week.


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