Stammering or stuttering

Stammering or stuttering

Stammering or stuttering is an ailment of speech fluency. A person who stammer usually repeats speech sounds (R-R—RRam), syllables (Ra-Ra-Ra-Ram), parts of words, whole words, phrases or stretches sounds. the patient may sometimes be unable to start a word or may produce no sound between words.

The other symptoms which can be associated with stammering are: 

  • Tremor or muscle tension in the lips,jaw, tongue, face, or upper body.
  • Blinking of eyes,  
  • A patient who stammer may be quite fluent while singing or conversing with his friend or spouse, but stammering can increase while speaking in front of a group, while ordering a food at a restaurant or speaking on the cellphone or at some times it may occurs while talking to the strangers.

Stammering is a speech disorder where flow of speech is disrupted due to involuntary repetitions and prolongations of sounds, syllables, words or phrases, and involuntary silent pauses or blocks in which the stammerer is not able to produce sounds.Repetition more likely to occurs when a unit of speech, such as a sound, syllable, word, or phrase is repeated and is common in children who are beginning to stammering. For example, "tu-tu-tu-tomorrow" or “mmmmmmmmmilk"

Signs & symptoms

  • Difficulty while starting a word or a sentence
  • Repetition of words or prolongation of speech sounds
  • Labored speech
  • High pitch voice
  • Rapid blinking of eyes
  • Lips or jaw Quivering
  • Facial muscles tension
  • Shallow breathing while talking
  • Talking before a group or on the phone can make shuttering worse
  • prolongation of Certain speech sounds
  • At times Speech come out in spurts
  • Circumlocution Words with certain sounds are substituted for others
  • Rapid blinking of eyes, when person try to talk
  • Trembling of his lips when patient trying to talk
  • Foot may tap when patient trying to talk
  • Trembling of jaw when trying to talk
  • Face and / or upper body may get tighten up when person trying to talk
  • Some person may appear out of breath when talking



Unknown etiology,though As per Dr.Abhishek genetics and neurophysiology play an important role. 


At Aura homeopathy we offer specific remedies for stammering that occur in different situations:

In children.

In person after coition.

In children while dentition.

At the time of excitement.

Where person exert themselves long time before they can utter a word.

For person who talk very fast.

When only last words of the sentence is pronounced.

During singing.

When talking to strangers.

During typhoid fever.

Due to vexation.

Hence, Aura homeopathic medicines can help the communication skills and fluency of speech. here are 73 homeopathy medicines which can give great relief in Stammering or stuttering. 

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