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Trigeminal neuralgia Homeopathy Treatment

Trigeminal neuralgia Homeopathy Treatment Homeopathy Doctor India

Trigeminal neuralgia (prosopalgia, tic douloureux, Fothergill’s disease) 

Trigeminal neuralgia is a painful condition due to affection of 12th cranial nerve, main cause behing this ailment is not clear, but as per Dr.Abhishek it is due to the involment of myelin around the nerve. Involvement can be because of following reason:


  1. Typical Trigeminal neuralgia
  2. Atypical trigeminal neuralgia 

In typical trigeminal neuralgia pain is severe, sudden, like a shock in one side of the face which lasts for seconds to few minutes. These pain attack may occur over a few hours also. 

Atypical Trigeminal neuralgia pain is constant burning which is less severe as compare to pain felt in typical type. Pain may get triggered by touch to the face.

As per Dr.Abhishek, due to involvement of nerves, the condition is very painful, incidence of the condition is seen more in person with age 50yrs and above, though clinically at aura homeopathy we have seen that this condition can occur at any age, and females are more prone to get trigeminal neuralgia.


There are a many other triggers that can increase the T.N pain:


How to diagnose

Dr.Abhishek, says that when a person suffer from facial pain where painkillers don’t help

and no dental pathology is related then there are chances you are affected by trigeminal neuralgia.

MRI & Reflex tests are done to confirm the disease.


Role of Aura Homeopathy Medicine in Trigeminal neuralgia

As per Dr.Abhishek clinic study, paints opt for Homeopathy because of following drawback of allopathy treatment:

In allopathy treatment pain gets better temporarily with the use of allopathy medicine, till the action of allopathy medicine, there after it again regain its intensity.

Secondly due to allopathy medicine intake there are lot of side effects, effecting, kidney, liver, brain functioning, eyes, etc

With the use of aura homeopathy medicine we tend to tapper off allopathy medicine first, and with continous use of these safe natural homeopathy medicine we helps the patient to get free of this painful condition of trigeminal neuralgia. It takes approx 2-3 months of treatment to establish the Improvement, and full cure may require 18-24 months. Homeopathy medicine are fully capable to reduce pain and discomfort.To summarize homeopathy helps in treating trigeminal neuralgia by:

There are 132 homeopathy medicines which give best relief in trigeminal neuralgia. However, the correct homeopathy medicine choice and good relief is only possible with the experience and right judgment on the part of homeopathy doctor. The Homeopathy treatment is based on case taking.