Premature ejaculation Homeopathy Treatment

Premature ejaculation which is known as most commonest sexual ailment in males. Identifying this ailment is not difficult for a qualified homeopathy Doctor. As per Dr.Abhishek it is a condition where you get orgasm too early, in other words if during intercourse patient along with his partner feels that they finished too early, then you are suffering from Premature ejaculation.

Ejaculation occurs when a man reaches Orgasm or sexual climax and semen is ejected from his organ. Most men experience PE at one time or another. As per Dr.Abhishek if a man ejaculate with in 2-5 minutes of intercourse, its normal, but 20-25 % of male have difficulty in holding ejaculation for even 2 minutes.Some ejaculating even before penetrating a woman’s vagina to their embarrasment.


  •  Psychological: It is one of the Most Important factor contributing to Premature Ejaculation. It contribute to 80% pase of PE. Following are the major psychological factors:
  • Concerns about sexual performance.
  • Lack of sexual expertise.
  • Lack of information of feminine sexual responses.
  • Guilt regarding sex.
  • Fear of getting pregnant between partners.
  • Communication gap between the partners.
  • Fear of being caught having sex.
  • Fear of obtaining a sexually transmitted sickness.


Other Causes

  • Prostate Ailments like Prostatitis.
  • Neurological problems.
  • Urinary infection-UTI.
  • Thyroid diseases-Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism,etc.
  • Hormonal disturbance-low testesterone levels .
  • Allopathy Medicine used for B.P and which act as sexual stimumation, etc.


 As per Research done by Dr.Abhishek at Aura Homeopathy Clinic Premature ejaculation have adverse effect on the overall confidence level of a person. But the good news is “Aura Homeopathy has a Answer for Premature Ejaculation” that is natural and have no side effect. Homeopathy repertory indicate 51 medicines for PE . At Aura Homeopathy every individual case is correctly taken and analyzed personally by Dr.Abhishek to pick out the most effective and best homeopathy medicine for Premature Ejaculation. Team of Doctors at Aura Homeopathy believe in creating a custom-made prescription that has superb effects with no Toxic effects.

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