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Blepharitis Homeopathy Doctor India

What is blepharitis and meibomitis?

Both the condition of Blepharitis and meibomitis occur simultaneously. Eyelid margin inflammation us termed as Blepharitis, and if oil glands which are present in eyelid gets inflamed it is termed as Meibomitis. Both the conditions blepharitis and meibomitis are incurable with allopathy system of medicine. Due to non functioning or malfunctioning of oil glands in eyelids blepharitis and meibomitis condition arises, as a result there is inflammation of eyelids and there after the bacteria that reside on eyelids gets invaded leading to infection. If this condition is not treated propery it may result in  styes, chalazae , corneal ulcers, etc. 

Forms & types

Blepharitis form

1.Anterior blepharitis:- When outside front of eyelid is affected it is termed as anterior blepharitis. Commonly caused by staphylococcal blepharitis bacterial infection or seborrhoeic blepharitis, due to dandruff on scalp or eyebrows.

2.Posterior blepharitis:When the condition is due to malfunction of meibomian glands which helps to secrete oils for lubricating the eye, it is termed as posterior blepharitis

Types of Blepharitis:

  1. Squamous or seborrhoeic blepharitis
  2. Ulcerative or Staphylococcal blepharitis
  3. Staphylococcal mixed with seborrhoeic blepharitis
  4. Meibomitis or Posterior blepharitis
  5. Parasitic blepharitis
  6. Anterior blepharitis

Signs & symptoms

Common causes

Aura Homeopathy treatment for blepharitis and meibomitis: Aura Homeopathy treat any ailment constitutionally, on the strict principle of Homeopathy. On the basis of totality of symptoms and proper case taking, constitutional medicine is given to the patient which helps in following ways: