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Bruxism Homeopathy Doctor India


What is teeth grinding / bruxism / teeth clenching

Grinding Teeth is the Habit of clenching or grinding the teeth. Grinding of teeth also termed as Bruxism , It may occur at any time, but mostly occurrence is more at night time.As per Dr.Abhishek, patient is usually unconscious while grinding of teeth, it is done to release aggression, anger and anxiety.

Signs & symptoms




Medical case history, and x rays are  required to differentiate teeth grinding from other conditions like infection in ear, infection in teeth, or TMJ temporomandibular joint syndrome.


Role of Aura Homeopathy:

Aura Homeopathy treatment is of great help for bruxism or teeth bringing or teeth clenching, as homeopathy works on the underlying cause of the disease. With the intake of homeopathy medicine there is rest relief in stress symptoms,facial pain, pain in ear, headache, and anxiety which are coined as major causative factor.

There are 75 Homeopathy medicines which are there to give great relief. But Dr.Abhishek advocate a proper case taking for the proper cure.