Calcaneal or Heel Spur or Heel Pain

Calcaneal or Heel Spur or Heel Pain

It is over bony growth on calcaneus or heel bone, formed due to long duration pressure on

soles of feet. It may be related to Achilles tendinitis, that is inflammation of the Achilles tendon


  • Wrong size/fit foot wear,
  • Increased physical activities,
  • Over weight, 
  • Plantar fasciitis


  • Pain in foot , heel os the main symptom, pain increases while standing, walking and decrease while siting and resting
  • Morning pain and stiffness of heel and foot
  • Pain increases while walking on hard surface, or during carrying heavy objects

Risk factor:

  • Over weight
  • Pronated Foot
  • Athletes
  • Middle and old aged



  • X-ray 


Home care

  • Always wear arch support shoes with silicon gel , walking barefoot must be avoided
  • Long standing, walking must be avoided, stay off from walking and take proper rest
  • Regular stretching exercises must be done to reduce muscular tension of heels
  • Alternate Heat and cold fomentation therapy
  • Decreasing body Weight
  • Shoes must be used so as to avoid recurrence of calcaneal spurs.

There are more that 27 homoeopathy medicines which can give good relief for pain in heel or calcaneal spur or heel spur. Dr.Abhishek strongly recommended treatment for calcaneal spur, as homeopathy is natural, safe with out any side effect and is quite potential to give instant relief.

How Aura homeopathy helps

  • Homeopathy helps in reducing the inflammation and pain of affected area.
  • Helps to prevent surgery
  • Helps to increase the strengthen of muscles

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