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Epistaxis or Nose Bleeding

Epistaxis or Nose Bleeding Homeopathy Doctor India

Epistaxis or Nose Bleeding

Epistaxis is a medical term used for bleeding from the nose. Anatomically nose is highly vascular region, because of numerous blood vessels, these blood vessel may get bust due to  injury, dryness of nasal membranes, crust formation, or due to internal crack, leading to excessive nose bleeding or epistaxis. It is a very common problem and as per a study 70 % of the indian population have experience nose bleeding once in there lifetime. As per Dr.Abhishek, epistaxis must be taken seriously as it may lead to acute emergency in few cases.Epistaxis may produce a very serious and life-threatening condition.






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Why aura Homeopathy treatment for Epistaxis?

Aura homeopathy believe in constitutional medicines concept that cures works on the root cause of epistaxis ansi very effective in controlling its repalse.

Aura Homeopathy helps in

1.Stoppage of the bleeding

2.Helps to reduce pain and swelling

3.Helps in heeling the injured tissue

4.Helps in resolving underlying cause of epistaxis like, allergies, infection, bleeding disorder, blood pressure , etc

There are more than 296 homeopathy medicines which can give great relief in epistaxis, based on constitution of the patient.