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Fatty liver

Fatty liver Homeopathy Doctor India

Fatty liver disorder

Normally liver contain some fat, but if it exceed more that 10% of the total weight of the liver, then it is termed as Fatty liver, excess fat may lead to inflammation and distraction of normal liver cells. This condition is also termed as steatohepatitis.

Alcoholic Hepatitis:- High alcohol intake may result in inflammation of liver and fatty liver or in other words- steatohepatitis. Though it is not necessary that fatty liver is only due to high intake of alcohol, as per clinic evidence given by Dr.Abhishek, lot of patient visited Aura Homeopathy clinic & research centre without any history of alcohol intake. If the fatty liver condition is not due to alcohol consumption it is termed as NASH or non-alcoholic steatohepatitis. Fatty liver may cause sever liver damage and even cirrhosis.

As per clinic research conducted in aura Homeopathy clinic and research centre, chances of fatty liver or steatohepatitis is more in obese or overweight patients.



Tips or healthy liver:

Aura Homeopathy treatment for Fatty liver:

Dr.Abhishek advocate, that proper treatment of fatty liver is possible only if the underlying conditions is treated, such as 

1.Reduction of blood triglycerides

2.Diabetes control and

3.Avoiding Alcohol 

Treatment of fatty liver must be taken very seriously, as if not treated properly in initial stage it may lead to sever irreverseble liver damage. Homeopathic medicine is safe, gentle and natural solution for fatty liver. Aura Homeopathy help in promoting healthy life and enhance the liver functioning, as it works as as potential detox- it help to clear out toxic materials from the system.

Dr.Abhishek strongly recommend aura Homeopathy treatment for fatty liver disorder.