Freckles or ephelides or lentigo or sunspots

What are freckles or ephelides or lentigo or sunspots

Freckles are brownish colour spot on the skin, which usually turn dark or at times increases in number when skin is exposure to the sunlight. Freckles also called ephelides, lentigo and sunspots. These are small, brown or yellow spots on the skin surface, usually on face and exposed skin. Freckles are tan or light brown, small in size but at times they overlap and mix together and appear larger. Freckles due to the action of UV-ultraviolet sun radiation on the skin. Due to exposure to sun radiation melanin in the melanocytes cells get bust leading to freckles. 


  • Ephelides: These are flat spots which are red or light-brown it generally appear in summer season and start getting faded during the winter.
  • Lentigo: Usually Children develop small brown spot which become darker than ephelides type freckle and it does not fade in winter season.


  • Snscreens lotion with SPF 25 must be used while going outdoor.
  • Sun-protective clothing and accessories must be used e.g. hats,long sleeves shirt, full pants, etc
  • Avoidance outdoor work at peak sun hours
  • As far as possible stay indoors.

Aura Homeopathy treatment is very effective for freckles as it helps to control the production of melanin, with the use of well selected homeopathic medicine, slowly slowly the brown colour of freckles start to fade and become lighter and lighter, at the same time it stop occurrence of new spots as well.

At Aura Homeopathy clinic, the case of lentigo is evaluated, which include

1.genetic predisposition

2. hormonal imbalances

3. sun exposure, 

4.poor immune system etc

There are 56 homeopathic medicines which can help to cure freckles. But as homeopathy treatment is tailor made, hence proper case taking is required.

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