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Keloid Homeopathy Doctor India

What is keloid or keloid scar or cheloid

Keloids are fibrous tissue overgrowth, that may present itself as tough Scar which rises very abruptly above the normal skin surface. Keloid usually occur due to an injury to the skin. Keloid are generally smooth on top with a brown or purple colour, irregular in shape. Keloids grow progressively. Keloid do not subside with time, as in case of scar. Keloids may present itself with pain, or itching, and at times may grow very largely. Even a small trayma to skin may lead to keloid in person’s who are prone to keloid. Keloids are different from hypertrophic scars, as hyper tropic scars are raised scars which doesn’t grow beyond original wound boundaries.


Signs & symptoms

Aura Homeopathy treatment for keloid

Keloid looks very ugly and is a disappointing cosmetic problem, and allopathy don’t have any answers to it, as after surgical removal risk of keloid formation may increase of even larger keloid, hence surgery is not a and as scar left after surgery usually grow in other larger keloid. At times injection of chemotherapy agent and corticosteroids are also injected but of no use. On the other hand homeopathy play an important role in its treatment and reoccurrence, only through internal homeopathic medicine without any surgical procedure. Department of Health and Family Welfare and the department of AYUSH have conducted a comparative study for allopathy and homeopathy mode of treatment of keloid, and the result of this research study shows the efficacy of homeopathy is far more than allopathy mode of treatment. As per Dr.Abhishek there are 58 remedies whichcan offer great treatment for keloid.