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Leukoplakia Homeopathy Treatment

Leukoplakia Homeopathy Treatment Homeopathy Doctor India

Leukoplakia / Smoker’s Keratosis / Smoker's tongue / Smoker's patch / Hairy Leukoplakia / Leukoplasia

Leukoplakia/leukoplasia is a ailment which is represent as White patches on mucus membrane, especially tongue, gums, inner side of cheeks, or bottom of the mouth. These white patches are thick and cannot be simply scraped off. As per Dr.Abhishek, leukoplasia patches are usually benign, only 5 % of these white patches may show cancerous changes. It is more common in old aged person who have low immunity, and have past history of consuming tobacco and alcohol.


Signs & symptoms




Role of Aura Homeopathy in leukoplakia:

As per Dr.Abhishek, allopathically leucoplasts can only be surgically removed. But even after removing it surgically tendency of its re-occurance is present. On the other hand Aura Homeopathy is fully capable of controlling leukoplakia with out any surgical intervention. as homeopathy helps to increase the immunity of an individual hence medicine decrease the progress to leukoplakia and it also reduce the risk factor of developing oral cancer.

How Aura homoeopathy is helpful