Lichen Plannus Homeopathy Treatment

What is lichen planus

  • Lp is skin inflammatory condition small flat top bumpy scaly rashes with intense itching.
  • It can affect any part of the body but mainly involves the Tongue,wrists, scalp, ankles, genitals and mouth.
  • It is more common in age group of 35 and 68 years.
  • Lichen planus never spread through touch or physical contact,Is it not contagious.
  • LP is not an infectious disease. 
  • Lp is not cancer


  • Auto-immune disease
  • Stress
  • Allopathy medicine intake like antibiotics, chloroquinone, quindine, phenothiazines, and diuretics such as chlorothiazide, can lead to Lichen planus.
  • Lichen planus can be associated with hepatitis C.


  • Reddish-purple, flat-topped rashes
  • Wickham's striae- rashes with white lacy appearance
  • Itching
  • Lichin planus after healing leaves dark brown discoloration on the surface of the skin which may fade with time and homeopathy treatment.
  • Oral Lichen planus lesions are usually found on the inner surface of cheeks, but occasionally can also be found on tongue, gums and lips. Oral LP is very obstinate to treat.
  • Lichen planus of the genitals
  • Lichen planus of the genitals is less common in males than females. About 2 in 10 females have vulvar or vaginal LP.It may be painful, during sexual intercourse.
  • Nail involvement
  • Nail changes have been observed in lichen planus. The changes in nail result from damage to the nail matrix, or nail root. Nail changes can occur with or without skin involvement.
  • Nail changes in Lichen planus:
  • Changes in nail are due to damage to nail matrix, it may present as longitudinal ridging and grooving, nail thinning, splitting or even nail loss. .
  • Scalp involvement in Lichen planus : when lichen plans affect scalp it is termed as lichen planopilaris, symptoms can be redness, irritation, and irreversible hair loss.

Diagnosis of Lichen Planus

  • Physical examination done by qualified homeopathic physician
  • Skin biopsy

Aura Homeopathy helps to cure the lichen plans, by increasing the body immunity. Usually patients come to homeopathy as last resort, when after trying allopathic medicine including cortico steroid for long term does not help to cure it.Main aim of Aura Homeopathy treatment for lichen plannus is to relief from symptoms and to heel the affected skin lesions asap. Dr.abhishek says that steroid take should me tapered of slowly.As Lichen planus is a chronic disease, hence it require long treatment. But positive effect should be visible in starting 3-4 months. 

Why Aura homeopathy

  • It gives more than 80% cure rate.
  • It helps increase the immunity of the person
  • It is natural, safe and without any side effect.


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