Gastric Problem

Why Homeopathic treatment considered as best for Gastric Problem:-

Gas problem is one of the very most problems in today's fast food scenario. Although consuming fast food is not the only reasons but there are many other factors responsible for gastric problem. It is very irritating and uncomfortable situation, person-having gas eliminates it either by passing it through the rectum or by burping. Almost every person faces this situation of gas, but why do some suffer from it more than others do? Although gastric problem is not life threatening but pain it creates is not less than any worst situation. Gastric issues are responsible for discovering wider range of problems from indigestion to empty stomach. Because of this problem person, feel very low and unenergetic. 

Some common symptoms of Gastric Problem:-

There are so many reasons of gastric problems like heartburn, bloating, indigestion etc. Some other causes of the gastric pain are bacterial infection, kidney stone, tumors, constipation, food poisoning, bacterial infections, ulcers and pancreatitis. Although gas issue is very common, issue and so in many cases it occur because of eating spicy food, digestive disorders, chewing the food improperly and drinking alcohol. Beyond these entire factors, gastric problem is cause because of bacteria like H pylori. So make sure that you are consuming clean and healthy food. Following are the main symptoms:-

• Excessive Gas

• Acidity

• Heartburn

• Indigestion

• Distension

• Bloating

• Acid Indigestion

• Bad Breathe

• Stomach Pain

• Burp

• Coating on tongue

• Abdominal Bloating

How this gastric problem occurs? 

Very few of us take care about our regular routine and meal schedule. When we eat carbohydrates in any form and our digestive system fails to digest some of it then the problem of gas occurs. There is a stomach membrane in stomach gastric mucosa, which get disturbed and because of it, secretion of acid happens.  Then this acid gets in touch with stomach and then only pain and discomfort rises. This problem is very common in people who crossed 40 and plus years but sometimes even young and small children also faces the same. As we have mentioned above reason behind gastric problems but in many cases, it happens because of excessive habit of drinking, taking tension and stress are also some reasons responsible for gastric problems.

  Best Homeopathic medicines for Gastric problems:-

• Nux Vomica :-  This homeopathy remedy is best for people who suffer from gastric problems, vomiting, heartburn during gas and constipation. Nux Vomica is best effective for those who are more affect by gas because of excessive constipation of alcohol and fatty food.

• Carbo Veg :- Effective homeopathic medicine for gas with burp, quickly relieves gas, bloating and heartburn.

• Pulsatilla :-  Those who feel indigestion after consuming fatty and rich meal or heartburn and bleaching with gastric burps can have a dose of Pulsatilla homeopathic medicine. 

• Lycopodium :-  It is a good medication for those gastric suffers who feel pain at lower abdomen and complaint of producing gas especially in the evening hours.

Precautions for Gas Suffers: - If you want to avoid such situations then follow the following precautions for living healthy life.

• Take healthy diet followed by avoiding spicy and fatty food.

• Avoid consuming cabbage, broccoli, peas, beans, peaches, whole grains, soft drinks, alcohol, milk and milk products and apples.

• Do exercise on a regular basis.

• Walk for 10 to 15 minutes after every meal.

• Chew your food properly


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