Nephrotic Syndrome Homeopathy Treatment

Homeopathic Medication for Nephrotic Syndrome

As per the research, paper submitted by Dr. Abhishek for Nephrotic Syndrome, it state that it is not a disease but a non-specific disorder in which kidneys get damage and leak large amount protein from the blood into the urine. The term syndrome is characterized by edema, normal renal function, hypoalbuminemia, hypercholesterolemia and heavy proteinuria.  Kidneys are two bean shaped organ helpful in cleaning the blood by filtering out excess water and salt from food in our body. Normally healthy kidneys keep protein in the blood but in case of any damage in kidneys, filters may leak protein into the urine. Because of this small or not enough amount of protein left in the blood to soak up the water. As a result, the movement of water turns from blood to body, which causes swelling. The most common ages when nephrotic syndrome can affect the human body is 1 and 5 years in childhood and it affect boys more than that of girls. 

The main causes of Nephrotic Syndrome:-

  • Renal Disease
  • Idiopathic
  • Allergy
  • Infections
  • Iatrogenic
  • Metabolic
  • Malignancy
  • Systemic Disease

Symptoms and Signs of Nephrotic Syndrome:-

  • Anorexia
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Lethargy, tiredness
  • Swelling on face and may be on whole body
  • Oliguria
  • Puffy Face
  • Baggy eyelids
  • High or low blood pressure
  • Fast Pulse
  • Anaemia

Homeopathic remedies for curing Nephrotic syndrome:-

Homeopathic treatment is best for Nephrotic syndrome, in many ways as it treats person as a whole. It works on the root cause of disease and focuses on treating patients root cause effectively. For any of the disease homeopathy consultant do complete check up and case analysis before assigning any of the medication.  In homeopathy, general symptoms are also taken into account for selecting a remedy. 

  1. Aconite:- This homeopathic medicine is effective dose for nephrotic syndrome with scanty urine without blood, post scarlatinal nephritis and pain in loins.
  2. Apis mellifica:- Apis Mellifica is another significant medicine for dealing with nephrotic syndrome with swelling on face, extremities, headache, paleness, pain in back and limbs. This medicine is also super dose for dull pain in the kidneys and suffocation.
  3. Apocynum:- Another natural homeopathic remedy effective for treating coma and convulsions in the nephritis of pregnancy time period.  
  4. Arsenicum:- This homeopathic medicine is recommended to those nephrotic syndrome patients who face waxen appearance, dropsy, Great thirst, pale skin and watery diarrhoea. This is an effective dose for those sufferers who have dark, much contained albumen urine. Calcarea arsenica is used for anaemia and progressive emaciation of this disease.

Some other homeopathic medicines used for curing nephrotic syndrome are Eel serum, Carcinosin, Phosphorus, Lycopodium Clavatum, Belladonna, Cantharis, Convallaria, Glonoine, Cuprum arsenicum, Digitalis, Apis mellifica, Kali Chloricum, Plumbum and Mercurius corrosivus.

Precautions for Nephrotic Syndrome:-

• Salt restriction

• Bed rest

• High protein diet

• Take rich diet of eggs, fish, yoghurt, skimmed milk, soups, green vegetables and fruits

• Avoid excess protein, high amount of fat, Sodium, papads, canned meat, bakery products etc

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