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Acidity Homeopathy Doctor India

Increased formation of acid from gastric glands and the stomach leads to Acidity. Our stomach secretes Hcl acid which helps in digestion of food that we eat. Acidity leads to symptoms like  heartburn, dyspepsia, gastric inflammation and at times ulcers in the stomach.

As per Dr.Abhishek acidity can be due to many factors for e.g wrong eating habits, fatty food, Mental-stress, Cigarette smoking and high intake of alcohol, lack of exercise, irregular eating habits. The chances of having acidity is more in persons eating more of non-vegetarian food, very oily and very spicy foods. With intake of allopathic medications specially NSAID- non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.



Patient complaint of burning sensation after eating his food. At-times Sour belching is also noted. At-times, patient complaints of indigestion and constipation also. Dr.Abhishek advocate changes in eating and lifestyle habits. Homeopathy provide good relief from acidity and acid reflux, if patients follow healthy life style.

As per Dr.Abhishek, GERD can be a problem if not treated for long as, over time, the reflux of acid damages the smooth tissue lining the esophagus, there by causing inflammation and pain. As per research, long-lasting, untreated GERD can lead to permanent damage of the esophagus.

Acidity is treated by the help of antacids which contain magnesium or calcium salts. These antacids have number of side effects, and should not be consumed for a longer period. Aura Homeopathy offers a 100% natural holistic treatment for acidity without any side effects. Homeopathic medicines work by repairing the root cause issues. If you are facing acidity problem, contact Qualified homeopathic doctor for complete natural cure.