Fibroadenoma of breast

Why Aura Homeopathy is advocated as Best for Fibroadenoma

It is a common disease found in women’s breast, a type of non-cancerous disease. A lump in the breast which usually is being and can felt or touched.FIBROADENOMA generally develop after the puberty age or  younger age. As per Dr.Swati Kasana (Aura Homeopathy Clinic-India)- Not all lumps found or felt are tumors or a cancer and they cannot be felt as they are very small. Taking contraceptive pills before the age of 20 likely to develop  FIBROADENOMA. The Tumor may grow in during pregnancy, there are some few cases where FIBROADENOMA gets resolve on their own.


  • ·         Increased sensitivity of the hormone oestrogen.
  • ·         Breasts are made up of lobules which are milk producing gland and Ducts are tubes that carry milk to the nipples. FIBROADENOMA develop from lobule. The glandular tissues and Duct grow over the lobule and form a solid lump.
  • ·         The tumor consists of breast tissues and connecting tissues.
  • ·         Some women have only one lump while other may have many lumps in the breast.
  • ·         American women more likely to develop these type of tissues and lumps.
  • ·         These tissues develop generally develop during Menopause and pregnancy.

·          TYPES:-

     FIBROADENOMA can be mainly divided into 2 types, Simple FIBROADENOMA and Complex FIBROADENOMA.

·         Complex FIBROADENOMA have a high risk of developing Breast Cancer. The simple tumors does not increase the risk of breast cancer.


  1. ·         Women with FIBROADENOMA can be diagnosed before the age of 30.
  2. ·         Proper Phycial Examination or Ultrasound is recommended for the diagnosis of FIBROADENOMA.
  3. ·         Lumps can be dissolved and can be cured by certain homeopathic medicines which are mentioned below.



·         CalcareaCarbonica- lumps in the breast are hot and nodular to touch in the begnning. Calcarea works best and is also a good homeopathic medicine for FIBROADENOMA when the tumor are calcified. This medicine can also use when the patient is anxious and weak both mentally and physically.

·         CalcareaFluorica- when the lumps in the breast are hard, movable or edges are sharply defined. It occurs generally in young women who are not married. The patient is very much sad and depressed, pain at the tip of the urethra while urinating. This medicine can be used for curing the above mentioned symptoms of FIBROADENOMA.

·   BarytaCarbonica- Inflammation, induration and enlargement are the pathogenesis of this drug. The women of late 20’s are more affected and lumps are enlarged, edges are sharply defined and bloody discharge from the nipples. They are differentiated from cancer by irregular lobulations. This medicine is the best homeopathic medicine which can be used for the above mentioned symptoms.


 As per Dr.Swati, there are more that 176 homeopathic medicine used for fibroadenoma, but the correct selection is very important for its complete cure, which is based on complete case taking of the patient including mental, physical, emotional symptoms along with family history. Hence for best homeopathy treatment for fibroadenoma, homeopathic medicine must be taken under the guidance of qualified homeopathic physician.

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