Adenoids Homeopathy Treatment

The adenoids are situated at the back of the nasal cavity. We can see our tonsils with your naked eyes but we can't see our adenoids through our naked eyes. Adenoids are termed as 1st line of defence, as it fights with the infection to save our system, as tonsils helps. Both adenoids and Tonsils work for defence mechanism of you body as infection fighter for children's

The condition of swelling of adenoids due to fighting off with infection is termed as Adenoiditis. 


  1. Difficulty in breathing
  2. Stuffy nose
  3. Mouth breathing
  4. Swollen glands of the neck
  5. Snoring
  6. Ear ache

Aura Homeopathy offer good help in the treatment of Adenoids with homeopathic medicine, which are safe and gentle on kids.

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