Insomnia Homeopathy Treatment

Aura Homeopathy Treatment for Insomnia

Insomnia commonly known as sleeplessness, which is very common sleep disorder disease in this modern world. People who feel trouble in sleeping or fall asleep for long durations especially at night might be suffering from Insomnia. The results of Insomnia are not very good as it increase the effect of depression, irritability, low energy, day sleepiness, problem in focusing and learning. Conditions like heart failure, restless leg syndrome, psychological stress, heartburn, menopause, depression, insanity, anxiety, hallucination, stroke, cancer, obesity, schizophrenia and chronic pain are the major symptoms of Insomnia. Other factors like late night shifts, drug addiction such as alcohol, caffeine and nicotine or any other kind of medications also affect person health and sleep and which's ending result is Insomnia.  This is obvious that people who are suffering from sleeplessness problem not only suffer from tiredness but also from irritation and depression. It is very important to take proper sleep, as it will strengthen our defence system as well as our health. Stresses, tension negativity in mood are the most common factors leads to chronic sleep problems. Those who are in a habit of thinking too much or take over stress leads towards an overactive brain, which result in difficulty in sleeping. 

Symptoms of Insomnia:

·         Depression
·         Late night shift
·         Frequently waking up at night
·         Daytime sleepiness
·         Mood swing and mental fatigue
·         Poor quality of sleep
·         Tiredness
·         Mood swing
·         anxiety


Human brain cannot work properly if there is any preposterously not required chemical change or sleepiness and because of this depression occurs. There is a treatment in homeopathy for those who are suffering from Insomnia. Homoeopathic medicine Coffea Cruda leads is one of the effective doses for sleeplessness. There is a great effect of Coffea Cruda on sufferers. Overcrowding of thoughts can lead to difficulty in sleeping and for overcoming such issues homeopathy medications is best.

Sleeping quality of an old man is not good because they are in a habit of waking up so many times for urinating. The problem of urination occurs because of enlargement of prostate glade but in homeopathy, there is a proper medication for reducing the size of prostate and controlling frequent urine issue.

Nux Vomica is another homeopathy medicine helpful in Insomnia. It is for those who will not be able to sleep properly, wakes up three four times while sleeping. Those who experience comatose sleep at night, hunger or dryness of the mouth can go with Belladonna after consulting physician.


As per Dr.Abhishek Homeopathy give best treatment for Insomnia, Now a day's so many people live busy lives, rushing from one place to another in a hurry of finishing task. In cities traffic noise, air pollution and other issues are very common and effect on sleep.Those who do not take proper hours sleep need to rearrange their schedule because relaxing the mind is the answer to most the questions. One can control the effect of Insomnia by doing regular exercise, meditation, taking quality sleep and healthy diet. Insomnia can also prevent by sleeping and waking up at proper time.   

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