Kidney stone Homeopathy Treatment

Homeopathic Treatment for Kidney Stone

Kidney stone also known as Urolithiasis in medical term, it is a collective piece of material in the urinary track. Stones generation can be due to many factors:- environmental factors or because of genetic factors, high urine calcium level, medications, hyperparathyroidism, calcium supplements, obesity. In many case the major reason behind kidney stone could be drinking less water or consuming less liquid products.Although stone size varies but if it grows more than 5 millimetres then it may cause pain and blockage in ureter. Formation of stone happen because of high concentration of minerals in urine and this results severe lower back pain, vomiting, blood in urine and abdominal pain. Stone locations can be diagnose by medical imaging called ultrasound or urine test.

The classification of stones done by its location:-

·         Cystolithiasis in the bladder

·         Nephrolithiasis in the kidney

·         Ureterolithiasis in the Ureter

Homeopathic Medication for Kidney Stone

In many cases kidney stones are consider as a case of surgery only but in homeopathy it is expected that stone can break down or dissolve  so that it can pass out easily through urine. In case of kidney stone homeopathic medicine are best and they have shown remarkable result. There are some extreme effective medicines in homeopathic like Sarsaparilla Officinalis, HydrangeaArborescence,Cantharis Vesicatoria, Berberis Vulgarise and Lycopodium Clavatum.

·         Medicine like Lycopodium Clavatum effective in case of right side kidney stone where as Berberis Vulgaris andHedeoma Pulegioides is effective medicine for left side kidney stone.

·         Those who are suffering from yellow or white urine issue can consume Hydrangea Arborescens medicine. Its effects are wonderful in such cases.

·         Those who have complained of burning at close of urination along with kidney stone can consume Sarsaparilla Officinalis homeopathic medicine.

Stone issues majorly affect those who intake lots of animal protein, high fructose corn syrup, grapefruit juice, sodium, refined sugar and apple juice. Obesity and dehydration are one of the major factors of stone formation. Kidney stones are very common in people and can be easily diagnose by ultrasound. Stones those are large in size cause severe pain than that of small ones but small stones are also painful.

Homeopathy treatment is Best for renal stone as homeopathic medicines can cure renal kidney stone successfully. There are two renal junctions PUJ and UVJ where PUJ is present at pelvis and ureter and UVJ present at ureter and urinary. If the stone size is small and not linked with hydronephrosis and acute retention of urine then it can be cure by homeopathic medicine. Chances of stone formation in kidney increasein case of high uric acid level in body. In such cases, one can consume Urtica Urens and Benzoic Acid homeopathic medicine. These two medicines are extremely effective in controlling the formation of kidney stone with high uric level. With the help of Homeopathic, medicine kidney stones can be cure completely but along with medicines one need to maintain their diet and routine. Here are some preventions measures given by Dr.Abhishek M.D (Aura Homeopathy) for controlling kidney stone painful effect:-

·         Those who are suffering from kidney stone make sure that their diet is good; they are consuming quality products that have less protein and calcium substance.

·         Increase total water consumption intake per day (drink at least 8-9 glasses of water)

·         Avoid vitamin C enrich supplements and increase the intake of citric acid enrich supplements.

·         Stop consuming soft  drinks, hard drinks and animal protein

Aura Homeopathy Provide safe and scientific treatment that not only helps stone to  get converted into concretions and pass down with urine, but also hels in stopping the recurrence of stone. As per Dr.Abhishek smaller stones upto 8mm-12mm are easily treated successfully with Aura Homeopathy,  but bigger  than this required surgical intervention.

Role of Aura Homeopathy after Lithotripsy :- Even after surgical removal of Kidney stone Aura Homeopathy medicine play important role in the prevention of its recurrence, as there is always a chance of recurrence even after surgical removal of the stone.


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