ADHD Homeopathy Treatment

Aura Homeopathic Medicine for ADHD-Hyperactivity

When a kid is hyperactive, it can be a sign that the kid might have ADHD. ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.ADHD is a medical disorder, which is usually identified in the preschool years or early school years of a child. It is characterized by hyperactivity (physical), inattentiveness, and impulsivity.About 3-7% of kids are victim of this disorder. As per Dr.Abhishek most unfortunate thing being that this disorder goes undiagnosed in most cases. A child suffering from ADHD is usually assumed more playful or more energetic, unaware of the disease.

Research papers submitted by Dr.Abhishek explain that ADHD is ailment and affected child is usually born with it. It is not an infectious disease like flu. A kid has a greater chance of being born with ADHD if he or she has a genetic family history or a relative who has ADHD.

Symptoms for Hyperactivity

As per Dr.Abhishek M.D, Aura Homeopathy Clinic & Research centre (India),Not all children who run and jump too much suffer from ADHD disorder. It is very important to realize that for a child to be diagnosed with ADHD, certain criterion has to be met with, before a child can be said to be suffering from it.
ADHD can cause kids to act in different ways, depending on the kid who has this ailment.
Most kids with ADHD have problems concentrating and paying attention. Sometimes they can be disorganized, distracted, or may be forgetful. Kids with ADHD can become worried, frustrated, angry, and sad. Parents of children suffering from ADHD need to know that ADHD is a medical problem that can be treated.

Dr.Abhishek classify ADHD in following types based on symptoms:

1) Combined type: This, being the most common form of ADHD, shows all the three symptoms. Children with this type of ADHD are inattentive, hyperactive and impulsive.

2) Hyperactive/impulsive type: Children show both hyperactive and impulsive behaviour. However, they are not inattentive for most part.

3) Inattentive type: Children under this category usually go unnoticed as they are not overly active nor do the disrupt activities. This inattentive type ADHD was formerly called attention deficit disorder (ADD).

Why to consider Homeopathy as best treatment for ADHD?

Aura Homeopathic treatment of ADHD is now being considered as very effective form of treatment even in the western society where the prevalence and awareness of this disorder is much more. It is also consider that homeopathy is better way to treat ADHD because the medicines used in conventional system produce great side effects. While treating the symptoms of hyperactivity and inattentiveness, Aura homeopathic medicines promote overall brain development.

CINA:  When child shows aggressive behaviour when asked to behave or if touched, CINA proves to be useful to calm such aggression. Such children tend to grind teeth together when upset or irritated.

STRAMONIUM : It is most popularly used medicine to cure violent behaviour in children and make them less hostile. It also cures post-traumatic disorder and fear of darkness. It is usually prescribed to consume in low doses.

VERTA ALB : Extracted from a plant that belongs to lily family, verta alb is another very useful medicine to calm the nerves, reduce hyperactivity and improve concentration.

HYOSCYMAS : Extracted from the leaves of a plant called nightshade, hyoscymas works similar to stramonium and help in calming restlessness in children.

TUBERCULINUM : Children consuming this medicine show better behaviour and less irritability. It helps in removing the feeling of dissatisfaction and effectively controls hyperactivity.

ARSEN IOD : Regular intake of arsen iod helps children who show emotional outbursts and temper tantrums.

Other homeopathic medicines like Hyoscyamus , Veratrum Album , Tarentula  and stramonium  has proved to be very effective in treating ADHD.

·         [NOTE: Above-mentioned medicines are for information purpose. Their intake should be under proper consultancy of a physician]


1) When parents and teachers suspect that a kid has ADHD, the first step is to visit the doctor. 
2) Eating a healthy, balanced diet is important and by avoiding certain foods, you may notice a decrease in ADHD symptoms.
3) Some researchers have found that there may be a link between food dyes and hyperactivity, be cautious with anything coloured that you put in your kid’s mouth.



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