Chronic renal disease Homeopathy Treatment CRD

CHRONIC RENAL SYNDROME also known as the Chronic Kidney Disease is listed at various stages depending upon the Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR), which means filtering capacity of the KIDNEY. These various stages can be identified by a blood test for creatinine, the higher level of creatinine lower lever of GFR, and as a result decreased capability of the Kidney to excrete waste products. Chronic renal failure occurs gradually over months and year.  

STAGE 1- Creatinine level will be normal in the Starting stages.

STAGE 2- It is for patients whose GFR are between 60 to 90 ml per unit.

STAGE 3- When the GFR level is 30 to 60 ml per unit.

STAGE 4- When the GFR level is 15 to 30 ml per unit.

STAGE 5- Last stage where GFR level is less than 15ml.

The loss of renal functions may be due to Acute Renal failure, which is a long-term Kidney damage disease. This disease is due to deterioration of the Kidney functions, which are primary (glomerulonephritis) and secondary diseases such as diabetes, hypertension or autoimmune disorders. As per Dr. Abhishek People with permanent kidney failure need dialysis on a regular basis, but with intake of Aura Homeopathy medicine frequency of dialysis can be reduced.


• Blood Pressure- is increased due to fluid overloaded, increasing the risk of hypertension and heart failure

• Potasium- accumulate in the blood does not usually don’t develop when GFR is less than 20-25 ml per minute which can lead to the lack of insulin

• Excessive use medications that hasmetabolized through the kidneys

• Hardening of the arteries, which, can also damage the blood vessels in the kidney

• Kidney Infections

• Increased Urination

• Decreased Urination

• Blood in the Urine

• Weight Loss

• Itchy skin

• Bad taste in the mouth.

• Shortness of the breath

• Thirst

• Vomiting

• Headache

• Swelling of a face

• White crystals on and in the skin

• Fits

• Blood in vomit and stools

• Diarrhea

After recognizing the symptoms mentioned above, one can contact the Doctor immediately and should do the necessary test that doctor's recommend. Doctors will diagnose based on a blood test, urine test, x-rays of the kidney, renal scan, abdominal ultrasound etc.


• End-stage Renal Disease

• Fractures

• Liver failure

• Menstrual irregularities

• Nerve damage

• Anemia

• Ulcer

• Skin dryness

• Itching and paleness

• Low immune response

• Joint disorders

• Increased disorder

• High-blood pressure

• Heart failure

• Liver Inflammation

• Dementia

• Blood cells not functioning in a proper manner



• Controlling blood pressure

• Dialysis or kidney transplantation

• Maintaining electrolyte

• Fluid restrictions according to the urine

• Correction for anemia



As per the research, conducted by Dr. Abhishek, homeopathy is very effective in early stages of Chronic Renal Syndrome.  There are more than 132 homeopathic medicine which can be used for CRD, correct selection is based on complete case taking. Properly selected homeopathy medicine gives best treatment for chronic renal disease.

• Aconite- This is the best medicine for the less pain in the kidney and insufficient urine.

• Arsenicum- This medicine is recommended for all the stages when skin is peeled, more thirsty and diarrhea.

• Aconite- Best homeopathic medicine for the person in starting stage of renal disease where a pain in loins and urine without blood

• Apocynum- Effective medicine when the urine is scanty and for Pregnant women.

• Belladona- Best medicine for inflammation of kidneys or pain in the kidneys

• Digitalis- This medicine is very useful when circulation is not properly in the body especially in the




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