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Dandruff Homeopathy Treatment

Dandruff Homeopathy Treatment Homeopathy Doctor India

What is dandruff (pityriasis capitis or seborrhea or Scurf)

Pityriasis capitis or seborrhea or dandruff an itchy, irritating chronic ailment of scalp, which causes social embrassement. patient simply complaint that its very embarrassing if someone notice these white flakes on their dress, specially when they wear black dress. Dr.Abhishek tells that body continuously sheds dead skin cells on regular basis and all the cells of the skin are replaced with in 28 days. But in Dandruff the shedding is due to increase production and shedding of dead cells, this condition is totally treatable with the help of Aura Homeopathy Treatment.

Dandruff (Pityriasis Capitis, Seborrhea or Scurf) is because of increase production of dead cells and there after shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp. It’s normal for skin cells to die and flake off, small amount of flaking is normal. Usually patient complaint of large amount of flaking, which can also be accompanied by redness and itching. It can occur at any age, starting from infant to older age.


As per controlled case study at Aura Homeopathy clinic, dandruff is related to following cause.

Above factors may act as exciting factor for scalp flaking dandruff, the main culprit is high quantity of fat in diet, Malassezia which is a yeast-like fungus, also known as Pityrosporum ovale.

Malassezia present on the scalp of healthy person without any problems. But when it grows severly out of control, feeding on oily secretion of hair follicles which causes irritation may leads to increased dead cell turnover, there by resulting in a large number of dead skin cells on scalp. As this dry dead cells fall off, they tend to mix together with oil from your hair and scalp, making it appear white, flaky and all too visible.


Diet & nutrition

Aura Homeopathy Clinic and research centre provide a time and tested treatment for Dandruff, as per Dr.Abhishek there are 77 homeopathy drugs which can be of good use. Best Homeopathy medicine for Dandruff is based on complete case taking and prier analysis of disease condition by a qualified Homeopathy doctor.Few Homeopathic medicine which can be used in a case of dandruff under an expert Homeopathic doctor are Arsenicum album, Sulphar, Sepia, Calcarea carbonicum,Mezereum, Graphites,etc.

Good results can be usually observed within 6 to 8 weeks of homeopathy treatment whereby complete cure is possible after 1.5-2 yrs treatment depending of severity of the condition of dandruff.