Winter is on the go and problems like cold, fever, infections, etc. Are very common theses days  and are easily transferable. One major problem these days is TONSILLITIS. When the tonsils, which are present at the back of the throat get infected by virus and bacteria they get inflamed and swollen. This type of disease is seasonal and generally, people with weak immune system suffers a lot like children, old aged people, and pregnant women .


Tonsil provides white blood cells in the body to help our body from infections. This disease can also be chronic depending upon the condition and immunity power of the person. Sometimes it is recommendetated to a consulting doctor when a condition is not improving and is in danger too.

• The main cause of Tonsillitis is by the bacteria Streptococcus (strep) other are influenza, rhinovirus.

• Redness of tonsil.

• Difficulty in breathing and swallowing.

• Ear pain, fever, and body ache.

• Swollen of glands in the neck area.

• Irritating behavior.

• No taste of the food.

• Difficulty in speaking.

• The tone of voice changes.

• Stomach Ache.

• Vomiting.

Diagnosis can be done by examining the throat that can also be done at home and obviously from doctors.

Aura Homeopathy is strongly suggested for the treatment of tonsillitis. Best homeopathy medicine for tonsilitis can be selected on the basis of indivisulisation 



1. Taking medicines on time, taking care of throat by drinking warm water and gargling.

2. Avoid cold drinks, juice, tobacco and cleaning.

3. Avoid eating fruits which are not good for the throat.

4. Maintaining distance while contacting with the person who ha cough, cold or tonsils.

5. Cover your mouth while sneezing and coughing.

6. Avoid smoking.



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