Uterine fibroid

Homeopathic Remedies for Uterine Fibroids

As per the research paper submitted by Dr. Swati or Dr. Abhishek in regards of Uterine Fibroids disease, which are smooth muscles tumors of the uterus. The exact cause of having these uterine fibroids is unclear. In most of the cases women faces no symptoms while other feel pain and heavy periods. Women can have one or more than one Uterine Fibroids, which may causes difficulty to get pregnant.  As I said that main, cause of Uterine Fibroids is unclear but fibroids run in family and appear to be determined by hormone levels.  Risk factor of fibroids includes eating red meat and obesity. Those who are suffering from heavy periods they need to take supplements in form of iron.  Many people consider it as a cancer but Uterine Fibroids is non-cancerous growth. Sometimes it location and size become the problematic for women.

Main Symptoms of Uterine Fibroids:-

  1. ·         Metrorrhagia, it is a situation when excess bleeding is done in between menses from uterus.Menorrhagia is a situation when excessive bleeding from uteres
  2. ·         Pressure symptoms on urinary bladder because of it difficulty in emptying the bladder and frequent urination can cause
  3. ·         Pressure on rectum can leads to constipation
  4. ·         Anemia due to loss of excess blood
  5. ·         Backache
  6. ·         Heavy menstrual bleeding
  7. ·         Change in menstruation dates and pattern
  8. ·         Backache
  9. ·         Constipation
  10. ·         Pain during sexual intercourse
  11. ·         Infertility or frequent miscarriage


Precautions for protecting yourself against Fibroids

  • ·         Exercise regularly
  • ·         Manage your wait, don't get over weighted
  • ·         Drink green tea and related products
  • ·         Maintain your diet in a healthy format
  • ·         Understand that pregnancy may have protective effect agianst developing fibroids

 As per Dr.Swati Aura provides best homeopathy treatment for Uterine fibroids. There are more that 199 homeopathic medicine, out of which best suited medicine can be slected on the basis of complete case taking and repertisation of the case done by qualified homeopathic physician.

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