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Homeopathy treatment Genital HPV Anal Venereal

Homeopathy treatment Genital HPV Anal Venereal  Homeopathy Doctor India

Aura Homeopathy offers successful treatment  for warts including genital warts, anal warts or perianal warts. Homeopathy is considered as most helpful and safest for its treatment. As per case study conducted by Dr.Abhishek at Aura Homeopathy Clinic & research centre there is high risk of recurrence even after removing it surgically. Allopathy don’t have answer for genital warts as it is because of HPV-Human papilloma virus and Viruse cannot be demolished once a patient get infected with it.

Genital warts are usually due to STD sexually transmitted disease. Research Study explain that 5% of population between the age of 16-42 have genital or perianal warts.HPV can stay dormant on the skin surface without formation of warts, which may affect person who is not sexually active from several years. Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and genital or anogenital warts are most commonly spread by 

Direct -skin-to-skin contact during 

•      vaginal,

•      anal, or

•      oral sex 

with someone who already has HPV. Warts usually appear 3 to 4 months after exposure to the virus but this varies to patient to patient.

Allopathy treatment include:

a.Surgical process

•      Cryosurgery

•      Electrocautery or lasers

•      Frozen with liquid nitrogen for easy removal 

•      Surgically removed.


b.Non surgical / local application

•      Podophyllum resin

•      trichloroacetic acid

•      Interferon inducers

•      5-fluorouracil cream

Even after allopathy treatment rate of reoccurance is more that 60% within 1st year, because HPV have long incubation period of approx. 18 months hence those lesions which are extended far down from top skin surface and undetected lesions present in surrounding are usually skiped while using Allopathy surgical/ non-surgical process. 

Hence Most people feel comfortable using Aura homeopathic treatment for genital or anal warts. It is considered as one of the safest forms of treatment, given the zero side effects and the natural ingredients.

Further using Homeopathy is a painless process, as there is always pain and irritation after using either surgical process (burning of warts, laser,Freezing,cryotherapy) or using any local application like podophylum.

As per Dr.Abhishek research we have 53 homeopathy remedies for genital warts treatment in homeopathy. However, the correct choice is based on your case taking. The Homeopathy treatment is decided on the bases of complete case taking of the patient. Thus remedies are tailored made unlike allopathy treatment.


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